Une heure de moins, une heure de plus.
La nuit tombe si tôt, c’est déprimant, alors pour garder le moral: SHOPPING!
Voici un petit look entre casual et rock, entre chic et retro. Perfecto aviateur, sweat et chemise, jean et baskets et let’s go!


One hour less, one hour extra.
It’s night time so early now, so depressing; to cheer up, nothing better than SHOPPING!
Here’s a little casual but rock, chic but retro look. Flight jacket, sweatshirt and shirt, jeans and sneakers, and let’s go!

Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Veste : Sandro
Pull : Claudie Pierlot
Jeans : John Richmond
Chemise : John Richmond
Chaussures : M. Moustache

Nicolas Spinelli 2014


M. Moustache est une marque de chaussures française fondée en 2012 par trois amis (Antoine, Thibault et Guillaume) qui s’inspirent de leurs différentes expériences pour proposer aux jeunes actifs des chaussures confortables en toutes situations, sans compromettre leur style.

La marque au mouton moustachu a su revisiter des coupes classiques, des derbies aux richelieus, en passant par les desert boots, en y apportant un côté décalé, tout en restant chic!
Les cuirs sont de grande qualité et le savoir-faire est au rendez-vous.
La formalité est soulignée d’une pointe d’humour, le confort est associé à l’élégance de la qualité.

M. Moustache, en bref, c’est une chaussure pour tous les actifs, ceux qui partent de chez eux en courant pour ne pas rater leur métro, puis passer la journée derrière un ordinateur, ceux qui sautent sur leur scooter pour se rendre à un dîner d’affaire, ou ceux qui n’ont que 3 pas à faire pour aller au resto du coin! Toujours chic, toujours opérationnel!

On aime:
- les « vieux » noms des modèles
- la qualité des cuirs
- le chic informel
- l’humour élégant, du logo à la semelle
- le packaging

Très bientôt, vous retrouverez dans nos street looks Robert et Léon, mais en attendant, allez jeter un oeil au site de la marque M.Moustache , ou retrouvez les chaussures aux Galeries Lafayette, chez Citadium, mais pas que!


Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Nicolas Spinelli 2014


M. Moustache is the name of a french shoe brandcreated in 2012 by three friends (Antoine, Thibault and Guillaume) who decide to offer to young busy people the opportunity to buy comfortable shoes without having to compromise their style.

The moustached sheep brand has revisited the classic shoe shapes, such as derby shoes or desert boots, made them a little edgy, but yet kept them chic!
The leathers that are used are of great quality and the expertise of shoe making is clear.
Formality meets humor, and comfort is combined with the elegance of quality.

To put it in a nutshell, M. Moustache makes shoes for the busy ones, the ones who run out of home to catch their metro in time to get to work, those who’ll spend their day behind a desk, those who jump on their scooter to get to a business meeting, or those who just have to walk a few steps to go to a café! Always chic, always efficient!

We like:
- the « old » names given to the shoes
- the leathers’ quality
- the informal chic
- the elegance of the humor, from the logo to the sole
- the packaging

Very soon, you’ll see Tobert and Léon in are strrt look, but for now, go have a look at M.Moustache ‘s website, or go see the shoes in real at the Galeries Lafayette, Citadium, and many other places!


Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Nicolas Spinelli 2014
Nicolas Spinelli 2014


Beaucoup de marques et de sites fêtent encore la rentrée!

Le site allemand de lunettes Mister Spex ne déroge pas à la règle et nous a invité à participer à son challenge Back to School, en mettant leur monture Mister Spex Collection DENZEL en avant dans un look.
Voici nos deux looks, un look graphique et urbain pour Alexander, et un look rock et épuré pour Nicolas.

Vous trouverez toutes les lunettes de Mister Spex sur leur site : Mr Spex


A lot of brands and websites are still celebrating the beginning of this new season!

The German glasses’ website Mister Spex is no exception and invited us in taking part to their Back to School challenge, for which they asked us to style their Mister Spex DENZEL Collection mount.
Here are our two outfits, a grafic urban style for Alexander, and a sleek rock style for Nicolas.

You can find out all Mister Spex cool glasses on their website : Mr Spex

Nicolas Spinelli 2014


Lunettes: Mister Spex
Veste: Systm
T-Shirt: Sandro
Jeans: Asos
Sneakers: Nike


Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Lunettes: Mister Spex
Blouson: Sandro
T-Shirt: Sandro
Jeans: Religion
Chaussures: Asos


Photography & Retouch : Nicolas Spinelli
Stylism : Nicolas Spinelli & Alexander Morel
Models : Alexander Morel & Laure-Hélène Anceaux
Hair Stylist : Nicolas Aubry
Make-Up Artist : Marie-Ange Varriot

Dark Rainy Day is the concept of this season’s collection. Dark and Rainy was the day we shot the pictures. Dark is the ambiance, evolutive, as on a Rainy day, are the makeup and hair styling.  There are many pleated fabrics; they are for me like curtains on windows. I imaged a dark rainy day and usually, I want to stay home kind of those days. Windows curtains, dark, they represent another rainy day in my mind. I also feel like rainy days draw you to smoke (when you are stuck inside that it is pouring with rain feeling emotionally depressed and just want to have a cigarette). I made some images inspired cigarette smoke. The blurry and unique patterns look like stripes made out of smoke. You Younhwa

Y.F.S, Yona From Space, is a South Korean brand designed by You Younhwa We, Nicolas and Alexander, met Younhwa through our blog, www.twoheadedhanger.com, while searching for young designers to promote and work with. Through our blog, we have been working with American designer Chevalier Homme, French designers such as Laura Lebouteiller, etc. We were intrigued by the androgyneous silhouettes displayed in Y.F.S, the dark theme of the collection and the bold cuts and patterns. Black and grey are dominant in the collection; leather and patterns are omnipre- sent in the garment.

When Younhwa decided to work with us, we gathered a team around the project to create a story around her collection.

Two protagonists, never physically together, but they respond to each other, they are separated, distant yet near, as if they were in the same place, a confined space, as if they were cloistered in a small apartment on a Dark Rainy Day. The rain starts to fall. A certain promiscuity begins to grow between the two characters, without them even meeting. The rain falls harder, the sky darkens. Different tensions emerge from this nearness, a seduction game of conflict and glances, which leads to a kind of violence, without touching. A distance is established, a type of nostalgia and then resignation… The rain calms down, but the sky remains overcast.

Everybody was involved in the creative process, each of us using our own knowledge and using our fortes to pull out the best of our collaboration. In this photo
shoot, urban and rock garments combine in a dark ambiance that refers to clair obscur paintings to give another dimension to the Dark Rainy Day collection.














Nicolas Spinelli 2014

Au tour de Nicolas de nous dévoiler ses 5 looks crées autour d’une pièce de la nouvelle collection de River Island à l’occasion du challenge Back to School d‘ASOS !
Il a choisis un blazer noir asymétrique, parfait pour créer des looks chic, un peu rock ou street ! Vous pouvez voir l’article original, et acheter les pièces des différents looks sur le site d’ASOShttp://fashionfinder.asos.com/fashion-trends/mens-aw14/blogger-ways-to-wear/river-island-1322

Encore une fois, Bonne rentrée !

Nicolas Spinelli 2014 Nicolas Spinelli 2014 Nicolas Spinelli 2014 Nicolas Spinelli 2014 Nicolas Spinelli 2014